Music Strikes a Prose – Alexander Robotnick : Springtime

Welcome to the 1st installment of Music Strikes a Prose. This is a short poem inspired by electro founding father and dad techno expounder Alexander Robitnik’s – Springtime. 

Aquatic, meditative swells, popping droplets, oscillating and unspooling out of the abstract, cascading into a gathering force. Cyclical and transformative, movements upon movements, a latticed, ever-growing torrent. Its components, tributary after tributary bungling through, around and over a budding, blooming landscape; invigorating and harvesting a new terrain. Pollinating other vessels to be catalytic for adaptation and evolution, embedded within them a tacit understanding of their longevity. A waterfall advancing towards the unassailable vastness of its motherland, an obedient ant mindlessly serving the colony, an artist splashing colour over a predecessor’s work.

Throughout his long and colourful career, the pioneering Electro founding father Alexander Robotnick could not be accused of sticking to the tried and tested. Not to disappoint, Robotnick has taken on an Italian classic: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi’s – The Four Seasons and we premier new release Springtime. Although appropriated through different music mechanisms, Robotnick has used this source material as a springboard for his own musical ideas. Creating Deep House that is averse to style tropes and defies expectation in a way that only he and his enigmatic, changeable self could. 

Originally published on The Ransom Note

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