Music Strikes a Prose – Zobol : Foreign Objects EP

Momentum, harsh lights, speeding cars a plume of acrid air. Perched, immovable as life’s effervescence passes around and through their features. The little motorised ants like nodes in an immense, unfathomable industrial network. Their occupants speaking indistinctly, creating abstraction and a performance they don’t realise they are part of. When their lane changes, they have no idea why, but they adapt. When they realise, they aren’t communicating with the other occupants, they reverse; only to find the road pushes them forward on a never-ending conveyer belt. Towards an indescribable fiction they can’t attain, their myopia, their reality.

Bristol-based SCI-FACT label’s inaugural release comes in the form of a 5 track EP, Foreign Objects by British electronic producer Jon Chmielewski via alias Zobol. The rather aptly named title refers to a near death experience that occurred as a result of a wisdom tooth removal gone awry. Two shards of metal (from a dental drill), depicted in the record artwork, were accidentally sewn into Chmielewski’s jaw, leading to an admission into a Panamanian hospital for the treatment of sepsis. Now back in a creative space Zobol explores dark, ethereal textures with glistening, melodic tonality and driving, momentum-inducing beats. Zobol – Foreign Objects is due for release on 20/9/19 on SCI-FACT.

An image of Chmielewski jaw with two metal shards lodged within it

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