Music Strikes a Prose – Timothy Clerkin : Kuiba

As you enjoy listening to the sonic delights of Timothy Clerkin’s new release, Kuiba cast your eye downwards to my short story inspired by its wealth of texture and pressing rhythms.

From the haze of that unknown place stumbles an amorphous form, babbling incoherent and languidly forcing themselves upright. The silhouette now ridged and fixed, begins running fiercely towards an unseen target. Bursting out of the unseen, rushing into the sterile, luminosity of street lights. The figure now rabid and ravenous , moving fluidly through the bustle of populated streets, dodging, bounding over implements, pouncing on empty space. Through fields, through forest, upwards upon cliff faces, plunging into the midnight blue of icy pools, an outline relentlessly chasing a spectre lost in the dark.

Timothy Clerkin Chuffing a carefully assembled rollie

Taking inspiration from tropical climates and vintage synthesisers Timothy Clerkin returns with his new release, Kuiba off his upcoming Acia EP. Released under the influential and trailblazing NYC label, Throne of Blood records, Clerkin’s genre bending, anthemic, pounding cuts are sure to cause a rush of acclaim and convert floor stompers the world over.   

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