Phronesis – We are all Review

Anglo-Scandi jazz trio Phronesis produce their eighth studio album, We Are All. An altering and advancing of their inimitable, frenetic, foot-to-the pedal contemporary jazz discography. Comprising of Danish double bassist Jasper Høiby, British pianist Ivo Neame and drummer Anton Eger, Phronesis have ascended to occupy a highly respected and unrivalled position in the contemporary Jazz sphere.


Phronesis merging with giant gaping holes, Ivo Neame may be merging too much (constipated expression)

  We Are All is an album of comprehensive scope and replete with incomparable musical richness. The title is in reference to an emotive message of togetherness and solidarity in these challenging times. A music rich in message and interpretation, abounding the beauty of the human condition and the fine balancing act needed to maintain it. Phronesis’ razor sharp creative edge acts as a locomotive for the album’s themes and dazzles with intensity and ever-changeability.

            Even at their earliest embryonic stages it was clear to the jazz world that Phronesis were going to thrust the genre into a pioneering, progressive arena. Their inaugural release, Organic Warfare exposed a vibrant, hyperkinetic energy and technical proficiency that left listeners’ jaw’s agape. Live audiences the world over would be treated to this spectacle in all its technical and compositional mastery. Having been lucky enough to experience this myself, audience expressions ranged from grimaces of petty jealousy from wanton jazz performers to wide-eyed astonishment from the old guard. Acclaim and exposure came thick and fast and Phronesis would continue their ever-ascending trajectory.

Probably sharing a joke about the similarities between polyrhythms and naturally occurring sounds

            Now over a decade later, Phronesis continue to act on music with vitality and poise. Now twice-nominated MOBO award recipients and Parliamentary Jazz award winners, it would be fair to say the trio have managed to intersect skill and narrative to win a wide and varied audience. True to form, We Are All is no victory lap and the trio refuse to rest on their laurels. The album is to be expected, a dense, dizzying and immersive experience alongside this, further exploring many of the musical alcoves Phronesis inhibit. Additionally it celebrates and champions the discovery of new sonic playgrounds which anointed Phronesis their position of importance to begin with and embodies the jazz philosophy throughout the ages. Composition marries improvisation and tacit musical interplay in a seamless, resplendent plurality. Blurring lines, crossing boundaries, showing music is not just one idiom, it can be many, like culture, we not of one………We Are All

Catch Phronesis at Ronnie Scott’s in London for their famous live experience on the 11th and 12th of November. The Culture Carnivore will be there, pad in hand, chewing on the innovative flurry of Anglo-Scandinavian jazz compositions. Stay tuned for a live review of the event on and much much more.

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