Henry Greenleaf: EP Review – Patent

Patent Album Artwork

A leading light in the ‘Bristol Sound’, producer/DJ Henry Greenleaf returns with new EP, Patient off the Glass Talk label. Patient represents an advancement of Greenleaf’s sonic scale and a further crystallised creative direction. The release of Patient is surely a concrete claim to Bristolian electronic music royalty and an all-encompassing auditory experience.

Stylistically amorphous Henry Greenleaf toes an enviable, cross-genre line yet still retains intrigue and listenability on Patent. From Patents inception comes the minimal, all-kinds-of-space, techno opener, Inch. A track with sparse instrumentation and an economic bank of sounds that gradually comingle and morph into a substantial and impactful opener.

Unable to rest on his sonic laurels, Greenleaf expounds further evidence of his custom late-night anthemia with Patent as a whole but specifically, with tracks Tare and Cave. The track Cave, in particular, has the most unforgiving, head throbber of a drop. So weighty is said drop that it wouldn’t be advisable to handle heavy machinery or newborns whilst actively participating in the listening of this record. Side effects include but not limited to: primal urges, uncontrolled/incessant limb movements and an activated sub addiction.

On further exploration of the track, Tare it is a deft use of polyrhythms both melodic and percussive, utilising a buoyant kick and dexterous use of the build and drop techno staple. It also acts as an accelerant for the E.P’s larger musical palette, following on from the creeper sonic qualities of Inch and priming listeners for further sub outbursts.

Greenleaf has been heralded as a great utiliser of the grey area between genres and the closing and title track, Patent further strengthens this claim. Patent contains spacious, ambient textures, rhythmically incessant percussion sounds and economic tonality; providing an interest-gleaning counterpoint to the E.P’s prior explosive tracks.

The Bristolian producer/DJ has created an E.P. of diverse, indefinable techno that has all the hallmarks of a mature and experienced artist which is impressive given Greenleaf’s relative freshness within the electronic music sphere. Furthermore, Greenleaf exhibits his forward-thinking creativity with moments of change and variation. This showcases a propensity for innovation and reasons to await further evolutions in Henry Greenleaf’s future endeavours. Progressive, impactful and exciting, Patent is a signal of intent and is sure to own the late-night dancefloors for the foreseeable future.

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