First Listen : Donnie Castle drops new track ‘Alprazolamia’

Swedish producer Donnie Castle drops confessional track Alprazolamia in the lead-up to his March 20th release of new album Donnie II.

The Flume-approved, Gothenburg native returns after his much-lauded 2018 mixtape and single trilogy with the murky, discombobulating Alprazolamia. The track itself is a melancholic, miasma of brooding angst. The swirling production style acts as an effective counterpoint to the darkness over Castle’s lyrical ambiguity and effected vocal. Atop of the considerable production techniques, there is the curveball of acoustic guitars and crispy, near organic drum sounds invoking the anarchic and despondent themes of Alprazolamia. 

The release of his new album Donnie II is intriguingly poised. Introductory single Wish You Well may have had dark lyrical themes but the music had bounce and vitality. Alprazolamia contrasts this in a much more extreme way, revealing Castle to be an artist of wider range and capable evoking the familiar drudgery of failed relationships or life’s disappointments.

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Fans should ready themselves for a transformative and reflective listen, comprising of unexpected sonic and thematic variation yet retaining its low-fi punkishness. The upcoming album Donnie II looks set to chronicle a personal journey through addiction, heartbreak and survival through adversity. 

Donnie II is set for release on March 20th on Something Beautiful Rec.

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