First Listen – Back by Drywater

The Israel born beat maestro has returned with the aptly name, Back. The new release features momentum-inducing, relentless beats underpinning a hooky and impactful instrumental. Back offers echoes of Skrillex and captures the zeitgeist of Dub-step at its uncompromising and hard edged best.

Often the conversation regarding Trap and Dub-step is centred around the all-encompassing drop – its velocity, how it hits and whether it works with the rest of the mix. In this case, these objectives are accomplished with aplomb and moreover, Back is a catchy, bouncy, stank-face inducing floor-filler.

Beginning with an idiomatic rise and developing into an earth-shattering drop crammed with 808’s, sub base and repetitive vocal motifs, Drywater grasps you by the musical lapels. Not content with your undivided attention, the Dub-step/Trap amalgam culminates in a beat variation that scratches listener’s itch for a final cataclysmic drop.

This is a polished and comprehensive offering from Drywater and should be consumed loud, through headphones/speakers with a good bass audio capacity and -if space provides it- alongside fellow loose-limbed electronic music enthusiasts.

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