The culture carnivore is a visual representation of my music consumption problem. Having always been told that listening to esoteric, lyrically challenging music would lead to a life of crime I weaponised music (in accordance with health and safety guidelines) to rebel against my otherwise painfully middle-class existence.

Without the sufficient work ethic needed to fully commit to a life of crime, I decided to critically comment and poke fun at the pantomime that is the current music landscape. Be it a sprawling, expansive output of creativity or an eight-bit ballad to earnest dwarf sprites, I will likely have strong opinions on the subject ( Sprites Solidarity – We Want our Demands Met!!). Anyway now the rage has subsided I’ll continue, I guarantee that having visited the culture carnivore you will have ample opportunities to flex your obscure music knowledge to your mates. Accumulating some of that precious social currency needed to thrive in metropolitan areas although regular single origin espresso blends must be consumed for most effective results.

Coming from a background of covering electronic music and hip-hop while also exploring my own jazz and contemporary musical forays, I have vast and learned experience. I also contribute with regularity to the reputable music publications hyponik and the ransom note, continually seeking new outlets to hurl knowledge garnished with irreverence at unsuspecting readers.

Over the course of our cultural reverie we will gain fresh insights into a superabundance of musical genre, live experiences, artist interviews and music’s many sub cultures. All these topics covered with levity and maybe even extremely gratuitous food puns.(see previous paragraph i.e. garnished – yikes!)

You will go on to do great things

Vague palm reading – Covent Garden branch

“Leave the dwarf sprite 8-bit material at the door”

My submissive conscience

“I hope you’re not expecting me to support you financially in this venture”

Girlfriend with sudden commitment issues